The Top 7 Signs That Show a Woman is Not Into You and What You Can Do

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When you start getting into casual relationships throughout Cape Town, you will probably find that many women are out there looking to hook up.

However, there might come a point where you will be wondering if she is really into you or not.

When you are NSA buddies in Cape Town, you want to make sure that you are both into each other.

How can you be sure if your NSA partner may not be into you?

You can look for some of the following signs:

1 – She Will Tell You That She’s Not Interested in You
One of the signs that you will see that she isn’t interested in you is that she says she isn’t interested in you.

Sometimes men will hear a woman say this to him and they will think it isn’t possible to change someone’s mind.

However, you might be able to do this but it could take some time. If you are into a certain woman, give her some space then try again.

2 – She Doesn’t Communicate With You
Another sign that a woman will not be into you is that she stops any type of communication with you.

For instance, you might text her and never hear back from her. This could mean she isn’t into you.

You also should keep in mind that if she takes a long time to get back to you, it could mean she isn’t into you.

3 – She Says She Is Dating Another Guy
In many cases, especially when it comes to the casual dating scene, if a woman says she has a boyfriend, it’s only because she isn’t interested. Most of the time, a woman does not have a boyfriend at all.

4 – She Will Not Want Any Physical Contact
You will also find that a woman who is not into you will avoid physical contact with you. For example, if you try to hug or touch her, she will pull away.

This can be a difficult for you as there is not a lot that you can do about it, so you might want to start looking for another partner.

5 – She Will Bring Up Other Men
A woman will likely not be into you if she keeps talking about other guys. When you are in a conversation with a woman and she brings up other men, you will know that she is showing you she isn’t really interested.

In this case, you may be able to bring her to your side at some point, but it will take some time. Make her laugh and give her some compliments.

6 – She Doesn’t Want to Meet You
Many times, when you are seeking out a NSA, you will be looking online and chat with women.

If a woman starts chatting with you but won’t commit to meeting you, she isn’t into meeting with you.

You may want to keep trying with her through messages, but make sure you aren’t coming on too strong. You might be able to change how she feels.

7 – She Will Offer Many Excuses
Finally, you will know that a woman who gives you many excuses is likely not into being with you.

For instance, if you have hooked up with someone and had a good time. Several days later, you send her a text and she gives you a reason about why she can’t meet.

This might be simple, like she has an appointment, or it could be more outrageous, such as she is moving out.

If you find yourself getting excuses from a woman, you should know she probably isn’t into you. Can you change her mind? It’s possible.

Take it slowly, take it easy and make sure you aren’t coming on too strong.

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